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Hi everyone! I'll be using this site to post links to lessons while we're learning online.

To join a live lesson: When it's time for class, click the "video links" button at the top of this site on the device you want to use, and click the link for your class!

To watch a video of a previous lesson: Scroll down to the "video links" section, and click the youtube link under past lessons!

Wishing you all the best for this semester!


Here you'll find links to any handouts you might need for my classes. If you can't find something you need, please just contact me!


Homework Handouts
Homework 3 - Variables
Homework 2
Homework 1 - Parts of the Computer
Example Projects
Star Catcher
Maze (no walking through walls)
Food Truck Bear
Other Handouts
Scratch Challenges

Theater Arts

Unfinished Monologue Assignment
Here is link to the unfinished monologues. Choose whichever you like, and write your own ending!

Here is a link to my monologues folder. See the list below to see which monologue is yours. Then, click on that monologue to view and / or print it out!
Helena: Big Bad Wolf
Makena: Inner Light
Magdaline: Sharing or I Remember (whichever you prefer)
Jeremy: Superhero
Violet: From The Princess Diaries
Nelly: News Is Boring

Video Links

Computer Programming Live Lessons (Thursday at 12:30):
click here!

Computer Programming Live Lessons (Fridays at 3:00):
click here!

Theater Arts Live Lessons (Fridays at 2:00):
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Please note: Theater arts sessions meet every-other week!
We will be holding live sessions on:
September 18th
October 2nd, 23th, and 30th
November 13th
December 4th

Pre-recorded Theater Arts Lessons:

Week 2 - Monologues
Week 4 - Unfinished Monologues
Week 5 - Backstory
Week 8 - Dance! - (week 8 music link)
Week 10 - Final Projects

Past Lessons

Computer Programming (Th) - Week 5


Students and parents, please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, feedback, or whatever else is on your mind!

Email: [email protected]
Call or text: (916) 220-6798